Play Chips: Play Chips are used to play in poker games and also to buy into tournaments. When you first join Zynga Poker, you get some play chips to splash around at the tables. There are also a number of ways you can get more play chips.

1. Invite friends to play and get more play chips. Just click on the ‘Invite Friends” buttons and check the Friends you want to send an invitation.

2. Get free limited edition items in the Zynga Poker gift shop.

3. You can also click on “Earn Chips” and complete some of the very cool offers, many of which are free.

4. Adding applications is another way to gain chips while checking out some of Zynga’s other great games. Just look out for special offers.Buying chips is also an option.

5. Click the Buy Chips tab to pay with a credit card or with Facebook Credits

Play it safe. Only buy chips though the Zynga Poker app directly. Zynga will never advertise the sale of Zynga Poker chips via chat.

Casino Gold is Zynga Poker’s in game currency. All users are initially provided with 8 Casino Gold: Additional

Casino Gold can only be purchased directly from Zynga by pressing the 

“Get Chips and Casino Gold” button located on the black bar at the top of the screen as shown below. Unlike Chips, Casino Gold cannot be sent to or received from other players.

Your Casino Gold is also listed on the black bar next to the gold Zynga Bulldog coin. Casino Gold can be used to buy bypass rounds in the Shoot-Out Tournaments and to buy-in in the Power Tournaments. Skipping ahead to Round Two in a Shoot-Out Tournament will cost 5 Gold and skipping ahead to Round Three will cost 50 Gold.

Casino Gold can also be used to purchase Premium gifts. Premium Gifts are special kinds of gifts, which unlike most gifts in Poker, do not expire. Once received, premium gifts will stay permanently in your inventory.

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