League Tier

A league season lasts eight weeks. Each week you are put in a group of 100 players, and ranked according to the chips you won. Chips won by redeeming challenge tickets do count, bought chip's don't.

You can get promoted by one division or to the next tier each week, if you finish in the promotion zone. Promoted players earn chips. The weekly rewards are league points and XP points.

Between two seasons you can climb several tiers.

Tier Division Promotion zone XP Maximum league points Promotion chips
Master I 6000 1,5M 160K
Master II top 5 4500 450K 135K
Master III top 15 3500 150K 110K

League points can be exchanged either for items or chips. For the Master Tier, the rewards are:

League Points Item Reward Chip Reward
3,5M Champion's Aegis $100M
125K Challenger's Buckler $3M
1500 Competitor's Shield
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